Waterproofing & Foundation Repair by Morris Enviro
Learn what about Morris Enviro does with our waterproofing and foundation repair services through the photo gallery.

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Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs
When it comes to avoiding costly foundation repairs, there are a few things you can proactively do to protect yourself and your property. The main contributor of foundation issues is an oversupply of water or a lack of water. Therefore, minimizing water damage to your foundation is one of the […]

Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs – Learn How

Carbon Fiber Foundation Stabilization and Crack Repair System Morris Enviro understands just how important a stable foundation is. Every property owner wants a peace of mind knowing they have structurally safe property free of foundation cracks and bowing walls. However, leaving structural issues untreated will only cause more harm. Therefore, […]

Carbon Fiber Foundation Stabilization and Crack Repair System

Fix Bowing Walls
There are a few ways to fix bowing basement walls. Morris Enviro usually chooses the Gorilla Wall Brace system as our first option for bowing wall foundation repair. The Gorilla Wall Brace system is one of our favorite foundation repair systems because of its strength on both block and poured […]

How to Fix Bowing Basement Walls

Leaks in Foundation Walls
What Causes Small Leaks in Foundation Walls? Residential homes on basements or crawlspaces have either a poured concrete foundation wall or a concrete block foundation. These foundations are often hidden by some type of exterior decorative veneer. Hydrostatic pressure builds up causing movement and shifting of the foundation, which can […]

How to Identify and Fix Small Leaks in Your Foundation ...