Morris Enviro – It’s Official We Made the Changes

It’s official, we made the changes for our DBA: Morris Enviro.

Now everyone can find us a little easier. Let’s face it…Enviro is just easier to spell than Environmental. With the ‘n’ being silent and all, there is usually a lot of confusion. Therefore, you will now find us as Morris Enviro. You can still find us as Morris Environmental if needed, but Morris Enviro will be the simplest way.

All our social media, including Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor, etc. is @Morris Enviro and our website is now

Is Morris Enviro new to you? Learn more about who we are and what we do.

Morris Enviro is a family owned and operated company who specializes in basement and crawlspace waterproofing along with foundation repairs. And yes, we can still take care of that pesky mold too.

We have established healthy and dry environments for thousands of both residential and commercial properties across metro Atlanta.

If you would like to see short videos of some of our work, you can visit us at YouTube/MorrisEnviro 

We recently had another hot company photo shoot.

–When I say hot, I don’t mean sexy hot. I mean humid, sweaty, hot. Even though we did an 8 am shoot, our guys had to change shirts several times to get through the two hours. But we still had fun with it. Here are some of the photos from the fun morning.

Morris Enviro Waterproofing Team Photo

Morris Enviro Waterproofing Team Photo

Morris Enviro Waterproofing Team Photo

Labor Day Weekend 2019

Be sure to celebrate the end of summer with your family and friends in Atlanta over the Labor Day Weekend! What better way to view Atlanta than a hot air balloon? Plus, there will be many more fun events to enjoy all around town. Most importantly of all, celebrate your hard work and important contributions to the development, growth and strength of America. Know that your everyday work makes our country a better place for us all.